Nelli Kujansivu is a Stockholm based finnish circus artist specialized in foot juggling (antipodes).

This variant artist loves the combination of all sides of her field and is pursuing it by working with multiple companies and projects.

She has been working with companies such as Galapiat Cirque, Cirkus Cirkör,

Krystallpalast Variete, Young Stage festival and Östgötateatern.

Her principle is to be authentic with high working morals with a smile on her face.

Falling in love with circus as a child sounds like a cliche but that is what happened for real.

Nelli was 4 years old when she stepped into the training hall at Sorin Sirkus and felt like home.

Two years later that little monkey decided she will become a professional circus artist because of a simple reason, she just loved doing it.

So as a determined perfectionist, Nelli spend her whole childhood at the training hall and did all choices in life to help her reach her goal.

Cliche? Yes, I warned you.


In 2016 Nelli graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Circus from the renowned University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm.

During her time in the circus school Nelli created her unique approach to foot juggling that takes the discipline out of the traditional ways. 


Nelli in a nutshell:

- Has been performing since the age of 9

- Started foot juggling at the age of 11

- Won the Swiss Cup –Prize at the Young Stage festival in 2013

- Performed at the Russian National TV for over 250 million viewers in 2018

- As a girl from the north loves sauna, ice hockey and dark humor.